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      Working conference on combating corruption and building a clean government
      In March 3rd, the company in 2017 anti-corruption work conference held in Jiangsu in Funing, the meeting is presided by the discipline committee, deputy general manager Wang Haigang, general manager of the company, Yangzhou, Party branch secretary, deputy general manager Yang Jie, deputy general manager Shen Weiming, Shi Hui attended the meeting. China Three Gorges new energy Co., Ltd. Lu Hailin, general manager, led by the general assembly to guide the general manager, Guo Lubin.
      At the meeting, Wang Haigang always convey the spirit of China's Three Gorges new energy Co., Ltd. in 2017 anti-corruption work conference, and do the discipline inspection report. To further improve the anti-corruption work, further strengthen vehicle management, and further deepen the supervision and inspection, to further strengthen the construction of the management team and other aspects of the deployment of the company in 2017 anti-corruption work.
      At the meeting, Yang Jie reported the general Party branch in 2016 to carry out the "two a", "a pair of" the implementation of the work report. Remember from the comprehensive strictly responsibility mission, strengthen the responsibility to act, strictly implement the anti-corruption work in the construction of a pair of".
      At the meeting, Lu Hailin stressed the importance of the Party committee of the party's anti-corruption work conference. Lu Hailin pointed out that all the staff should improve awareness through learning, the honest government, a pair of landing, key links, key position control, to fully realize the important significance of strengthening the enterprise anti-corruption work, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission.
      At the end of the meeting, Yang, general manager of the company put forward three requirements: first, the strict implementation of the company's management system, the cost of each business must withstand inspection, strengthen the leadership of the party and improve corporate governance unity. The two is to strengthen the management of the company car, prohibited Gongjusiyong, good car mileage, fuel consumption, time registration and verification work; Jiangsu, Shanghai, the comprehensive department should actively learn Baotou company car management. Three is the company party members and non party members should be strict with themselves, in sensitive positions to the implementation of job flow system; non party workers should also require themselves to be members of the standard, strengthen the moral construction of their own, eliminate corruption, strengthen the construction of anti-corruption work.
      The company's marketing management center director Xing Jie, Zhang Mingyi R & D management center director, deputy director of quality management center Lu Ping, deputy director of the Zhou Guojun administration center, the company and each subsidiary departments responsible person to attend the meeting.
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