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      In 2017 the company performance appraisal work kick-off

      On March 16, 2017 kick-off in jiangsu sea performance appraisal work. Company deputy general manager ShiHui always attend the meeting and delivered a speech, guo-jun zhou, associate director of the company administration management center in 2017 on the company performance appraisal management work to mobilize the deployment and performance appraisal implementation plan is introduced and the basic flow.

      This year, the company will be in strict accordance with the "measures for the management of performance evaluation (trial)" requirements, the company to conduct performance appraisal department or unit. Inspection will highlight the key, grouping, scientific classification; Content is clear, reasonable score; Unified leadership, the hierarchy is responsible, to further strengthen supervision and management at the same time, root out on thought "dry do more less the same dry, dry bad alike", make full use of the performance appraisal to mobilize and exert everybody's enthusiasm, stimulate vitality, improving the quality of work, promoting the development of good corporate culture.

      Bdo, associate director of the company quality center, r&d center, deputy director huang changyu, baotou felt woolly zhiqiang, jiangsu factory, vice factory director Qiao Jun, head of various functional departments and management personnel to attend the meeting


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