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        Human resources
      Talent strategy
      Recruitment Information
      Recruitment process
      Online recruitment
      Recruitment process

      The Gimhae new energy staff candidate processes include: recruitment information, resume screening, staff interviews, staff recruitment, staff recruits the key link, the content is as follows:

      1, the recruitment of the release of information: the company's human resources released through the unified management of the recruitment channels to demand information.

      Resume screening: Job Status in Human Resources based on the job description, resume initial screening and primaries qualifier recommended to employers departments.

      3, staff interviews: the human resources department by screening personnel released the first test notification. And is responsible for the organization of the first test implementation. Related employing department heads at the same time to participate in the first test, and fill in the first test views.

      4, the second interview: Human Resources opinions based on the first test, organization system is responsible for people to participate in the re-examination by the system responsible for the complete retest views.

      5, approval: Human Resources authorized stratified according to company management shall be determined in hiring approval of specific process.

      6 hiring: Human Resources is responsible for the recruitment notices sent, to urge candidates send hired receipt and determine specific entry date.

      Entry: the recruits in a specified time to prepare the required information to the company's human resources report, the procedures for the entry.

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